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What is popUPteacher?
Have you ever heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink”? What an appropriate analogy to use for the thousands of educational software programs available today. They do little good if you can’t get your child to use them. With popUPteacher it is as simple as purchasing and downloading the program. Our clear-cut method, simply the interruption of an operating system will ensure your child must use our program. Once they sign on their computer, they have no choice; a question will pop UP that requires a correct answer. If the wrong answer is given a new question of lower difficulty will pop UP. Once a correct answer is given your child will be able to return to whatever they were doing on the computer before the question popped UP. As everyone knows in this day and age, that’s all they want to do! You as the parent have control of how often the questions pop up. Our questions were compiled by using National Standards and “No Child Left Behind” criteria for each appropriate grade level. With our belief in repetition, each question will be asked at least four times but with different type questions (i.e.: fill in the blank, multiple choice, true or false and match pairing for lower grade levels). Each individual subject contains over 1,000 questions which equates to over 7,000 questions per grade. Upon installation, you also have the option to add up to 50 multiple choice questions - even specific to an upcoming quiz or test if desired. We are convinced this unique software will truly make a difference in your child’s education.

We strongly believe the key to learning is repetition. My son could memorize the answers the night before a test only to forget days later. This program will enable children to learn not only the required curriculum to succeed in school but more importantly, to retain knowledge for the foundation essential for building a bright future.

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